Chinese battery energy stationary storage (BESS) provider, Hithium and American BESS technology and system integrator, FlexGen have signed a collaboration agreement. The pair have agreed on purchasing targets over the next three years. FlexGen based in North Carolina, will support the procurement of 10GWh worth of Hithium’s batteries either for its own projects or through partners using its energy management systems (EMS). Meanwhile, Hithium committed to using FlexGen’s EMS for 15GWh worth of projects, either though partners or its own ventures.

Trans-Pacific Cooperation

As part of the agreement, FlexGen will become Hithium’s service provider in the US, aiming to improve the speed of service to asset owners. FlexGen designs multi-megawatt scale BESS integrated with its EMS technology, HybridOS. Additionally, the company also offers testing, commissioning and monitoring and maintenance services. Hithium is a manufacturer of LFP energy storage battery products, from cells and modules to larger BESS cabinets and containers. Since being founded in 2019, the company has exported 11GWh worth of capacity to the US, Europe, Australia and the UAE, not including its shipments to China.

Hithium’s Global Expansion

Hithium in the past year has been increasing its global footprint. The company aims to expand its manufacturing capacity to 70GWh by the end of 2023 and 135GWh by 2025. Subsequently it launched a European base in June this year to kickstart its expansion. Additionally, Hithium, already garnering a strong Chinese presence, has made a number of cooperation agreements with US based companies, including Perfect Power LCC, and Clean Energy Services, to secure its entrance into the US market.

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Sources: Business Wire