In 2021, Mercedes announced that from 2025 it would release new electric platforms as part of its goal to reach 100% electric sales by 2030. This plan included multiple platforms including the MMA, the AMG.EA and the MB.EA-medium and MB.EA-large. However recently, just a few months after backing down on its 2030 electric target, it has also halted the development of the MB.EA-large EV platform, an important part of its electrification strategy.

Why has Mercedes halted the MB.EA-Large development?

The ‘MB.EA-Large’ was being developed as a key part of Mercedes’ move towards electrifying its luxury models, such as the S-Class. The decision to halt development was mainly driven by ongoing high costs and lacklustre demand for its luxury electric vehicles. Instead, it’s expected the company will use existing components from its EVA2 architecture moving forward.

The decision comes shortly after Mercedes released its Q1 2024 earnings, which revealed a 17% year-on-year decline in EV sales, constituting only 3% of total sales. As a result, the decision to halt the development of the MB.EA-Large platform is expected to yield savings in the billions of euros.

Further changes in the wider European EV market

Mercedes’ shift in electrification strategy aligns with…

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