Over the month of January, the US has made multiple announcements of cash injections into its EV industry. The Departments of Transport and Energy have announced a total of USD325 million across three programs to accelerate EV adoption, bringing the total revealed funding in January to just shy of USD1 billion.

Three New Allocations

The joint office of Energy and Transportation announced USD46.5 million of funding for 30 initiatives across 16 states as well as Washington DC. The funding aims to promote the expansion of a clean energy workforce looking to address possible skill gaps in the future. Additionally, it will be used to enhance EV charging resiliency by ensuring grid robustness and reliability.

Secondly, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced USD131 million which will go towards the advancement of the research and development of EV batteries and charging infrastructure. It will help address the needs for widespread EV adoption, aligning with the US’ aim of securing its own domestic battery ecosystem.

Lastly, the Department of Transport announced USD148 million towards fixing, replacing, and upgrading 4,500 non-operational EV chargers. The funding will be spread across 20 states in 24 grants, made possible through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program.

Building on Earlier Announcements

The announcements follow the Biden Administration earmarking…


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Image credit: Adobe Stock