NIO has unveiled its plans for 2024 laying out its intention to expand its charging network and battery swapping stations. This follows the release of its fourth generation battery swapping station and its new ultrafast charging points. In 2024, NIO will add 1,000 new battery swap stations and 20,000 charging points to its network.

The Fourth Generation Swapping Station

Throughout 2024, NIO will build 1,000 additional swapping stations, adding to the 3,300 already operational. The fourth generation swapping stations will be launched from April 2024. The new swapping stations contain 23 battery compartments, up from 21, and will host technology allowing battery replacement 22% faster than the third generation. The 60-meter square roof footprint will be covered with solar panels, allowing each station to produce part of its own power. The new stations allow a max daily service of 480 vehicles daily. This announcement follows the company signing a strategic agreement with Longi, a leading player in the Chinese solar industry. Both companies will collaborate on developing V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) technology, with Longi providing the photovoltaic systems for the swapping stations.

A New Charging Point

Throughout 2024 NIO will…


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Image credit: Adobe Stock