Renault is aiming to reduce the cost of its batteries by 20% targeting increased price competitiveness in the EV market. In order to achieve a lower cost battery Renault’s battery unit, Ampere, will adopt LFP technology alongside NCM currently used. To do this it has partnered with LG Energy Solutions (LGES) and CATL ensuring a fully integrated European supply chain. Alongside this, Ampere will also develop Cell-to-Pack technology (CTP) with LGES, reducing cost and enhancing safety.

Renault’s battery unit to introduce LFP cells
A switch to LFP in Europe

Starting in 2026, Ampere will integrate LFP cells alongside its currently used NCM cells in its EV platform, aiming to reduce battery costs by around 20%. To ensure a European supply of LFP cells, Ampere has partnered with LGES and CATL. LGES will supply both NCM and LFP cells from its facility in Poland. It has signed a deal with Ampere to provide …

Image credit: Adobe Stock

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