Battery Recycling Capacity Database

Our core Battery Recycling Capacity database, tracking battery recycling annual capacity including plant location, recycling input and output.

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What is the Battery Recycling Capacity Database? 

Rho Motion collects data on existing battery recycling plants and new expansions in order to inform our analysis for our various reports. We track battery recycling plants with an annual capacity of at least 500 tonnes of batteries, including:

• Battery recycling capacity by plant location to 2030
• Battery recycling inputs
• Battery recycling output – black mass or battery-grade materials

Why subscribe to the Battery Recycling Capacity Database?

The database provides updates on the current and future battery recycling plant capacity across regions, including various EV value chains entering the battery recycling market. It also provides information on battery recycling outputs which indicates companies with pre- and/or pro-treatment production capability.

This database is essential to enable in-depth analysis of the EV market, allowing users to track the global battery recycling supply market size, as well as by region, country, and battery recycler. This database is also a tool to understand major players, new entrants and joint ventures.

How is the database delivered?

The database comes as a monthly Excel workbook.

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP8,000

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Report methodology

Rho Motion’s Battery Recycling Capacity Database is updated on an ongoing basis through both primary and desk research, tracking existing and new plants across regions including their recycling input and output.

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