EV Motors Monthly Assessment

Need a holistic perspective on the EV motors market and insights into the electric motor technology set to drastically take off in the coming years? The EV Motors Monthly Assessment report enables you to identify areas of growth and unlock new opportunities for investment. It is an invaluable tool to track the development of the technology being used today and on the cusp of becoming mainstream, with insights into the different strains this places on upstream material demand like rare earth metals and copper as the spectrum of electric vehicles diversifies.

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EV Motors Monthly Assessment

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What’s covered?

The assessment provides monthly news, analysis and updates on electric motor technology demand across EV vehicle classes and regionally. Using our EV sales database the assessment provides analysis of the number and type of electric motors installed in all EV models. It includes:

  • Monthly EV sales by region from January 2018 to present
  • Number of motors deployed by technology type
  • Average power by vehicle class
  • GW deployment of EV motors
  • Technology spotlight on new and important developments

Why subscribe?

The EV Motors Monthly Assessment serves as a valuable tool for monitoring the advancements in motors technology being used today. Different technologies have varying impacts on the demand for raw materials such as rare earth metals and copper. Understanding the specific requirements of each technology will provide important insights into several markets expected to develop in the future.

Furthermore, the report provides regular updates on emerging technologies that are on the verge of widespread adoption, as supply chain pressures increase and the range of electric vehicles expands. Use this report to stay ahead of the curve in terms of disruptive technologies, while maintaining a comprehensive view of the EV motors market.

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Rho Motion’s EV Motors Monthly Assessment is a weighted average of electric motor technology across the electric vehicle sector.

Electric vehicle sales data is collected on a model-by-model basis from automotive associations, OEMs and trade data at a country level for both BEV and PHEV vehicles for major markets. This analysis covers a minimum of 98% of total global market sales and provides a balanced representation of markets with different vehicle characteristics, suppliers and seasonality.

From this stage we assign the appropriate motor technology to each EV model. As multiple motors, often of differing technologies, are common in some vehicle variations, we model this split to create the most accurate overall picture of the industry. This then allows us to track the metrics available in the assessment.

Where EV specific model data is not explicitly stated estimates are used based on industry and company reports and primary research. These are then corroborated or adjusted when official data becomes available.

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