EV Sales Quarterly Outlook

Looking to navigate the evolving automotive sector? Our EV Sales Quarterly Outlook offers a comprehensive view of the EV market, penetration rates, and regional progress. The forecast is crucial for anyone looking to work within the automotive industry over the coming years as we witness the rapid and radical transition of the entire sector.

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EV Sales Quarterly Outlook

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What’s covered?

The EV Sales Quarterly Outlook provides a long term outlook of unit sales to 2040, this covers:

  • Total market vehicle sales
  • BEV and PHEV vehicle sales
  • A further split of these figures by vehicle class which includes: Passenger Car and Light Duty Vehicles, Bus & Coach, Medium Duty Truck and Heavy Duty Truck
  • All of the above metrics are also available to view globally or by region. Our nine regions cover the total new vehicle market and includes the major regions of China, US & Canada, EU & EFTA & UK and Asia Pacific Other
  • EV penetration for each of the above categorisations
  • A quarterly pdf report with our executive summary discussing our thoughts on the latest figures and our near-term forecast.
  • A further section details our methodology and full results

Why subscribe?

The EV Sales Quarterly Outlook provides the most comprehensive outlook for the electric vehicle market across all vehicle classes and regions. We provide the latest developments within the EV market and key drivers behind our forecast, including emission legislation, subsidies & incentives, OEM strategy, and cost parity analysis. On the vehicle manufacturer side, we provide an outlook BEV & PHEV sales by OEM alongside a comprehensive list of the electric vehicle models expected to be released in the coming years.

As the automotive sector evolves significantly in the near-term, this forecast will help those involved to keep abreast of market movements underpinned by key insights and analysis.

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Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies looking at the interactions between different functions in the supply chain. The EV sales forecast is approached from three distinct directions:

  • National and regional legislation and standards governing the vehicles allowed on the roads
  • OEM strategy, targets and performance towards these goals
  • Technology and use case modelling determining the most feasible and also most likely mix of vehicles on the road

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