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Published quarterly, the Rho Motion Magazine provides comprehensive coverage of the EV, battery and charging markets. The purpose of the magazine is to draw attention to issues that we feel are important to the progress of the energy transition, with a focus on EV, ESS, charging and battery technology developments. This will draw on our ongoing research and analysis from our regular data and publications, as well as our bespoke consulting work. The magazine contains articles from companies at the forefront of technological advancements.

Highlights from our Q3 2022 issue: 

  • ‘BYD – How Wang Chuanfu is building his electric dream’, Rho Motion
  • ‘The role of bidirectional charging and V2G technology in the EV ecosystem’, Rho Motion
  • ‘Telecoms towers and the trend towards batteries’, Rho Motion
  • ‘A one-size battery does not fit all’, Echion Technologies
  • ‘Historic US investment in battery materials can upend the global supply chain and shift the balance of global power’, Mitra Chem
  • ‘System coupling options for EV charging’, Dynapower
  • And much more…

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