The EV trade war with China has become a focal point recently as countries strive to protect their national automotive industry amid competition of China’s “artificially low-priced exports”. In May, the US introduced a broad range of tariffs on Chinese goods. Following suit, the EU announced in July that it would implement similar tariffs specifically targeting EVs. Other nations are contemplating or have already enacted comparable measures, while some resist raising import tariffs due to the potential adverse effects on consumers.

The EV trade war tariff landscape

The tariffs the US and EU have introduced

In May, the White House introduced an array of tariffs on Chinese goods, including EVs, lithium-ion batteries, and other critical materials. The government cited China’s unfair trade practices as a threat to American businesses.

Following this, in June, the EU announced provisional tariffs of up to 48% on Chinese-made EVs. These tariffs are set to take effect on the 4th of July “should discussions with Chinese authorities not lead to an effective solution”.

Which other countries have tariffs against Chinese EVs?

After maintaining a zero percent import tariff on EVs since 2015, Brazil in January introduced a …

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