Battery Cell Cost Model

Our cost model provides a bottom-up assessment of both current and future NCM, LFP, Na-ion, silicon dominant and solid-state cell technologies, and has been developed by our team of battery cell engineers and economists

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What does the Battery Cell Cost Model cover?

The cell model uses a bottom-up cost modeling approach, allowing for the modelling of cost and energy (in $/kWh) of multiple cathode, anode, and electrolyte pairs.

The model considers key factors around cell design and manufacturing processes:

  • Production location and impact on costs for labour, land, energy, capital repayment, capital charge, shipping
  • Active materials
    • Anode
    • Cathode
    • Electrolyte
    • Raw material input prices and intensities
    • Cell manufacturing – conductors, insulators, covers, separators, adhesives

Why subscribe to the Battery Cell Cost Model?

The model provides a powerful tool to benchmark costs for different technologies and manufacturing processes under various market conditions . This allows the user to make an assessment of the competitive position of different cell manufacturers, and to understand the sensitivity of production costs to changes in the price of key inputs or operating conditions

How is the report delivered?

The  model comes as a quarterly Excel file and PDF report

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP12,000

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