Monthly Battery Demand Service

Our Monthly Battery Demand Service provides the most comprehensive view of global and regional battery demand and chemistry across all end-use markets.

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What does the Monthly Battery Demand Service cover?

The services provides monthly updates for the following:


  • Battery demand by region
  • Battery demand by end use market, including electric vehicle, battery energy stationary storage, micro mobility and 2/3 wheelers, portables and other.
  • Regional battery chemistry demand by lithium ion cathode type and other battery type
  • Monthly market insights, news and analysis
Why subscribe to the Monthly Battery Demand Service?
The report is an essential tool for tracking battery demand at both a global and regional level. The monthly insights provide the most up to date analysis for trends in battery demand and chemistry. Our tracker can be used for analysis on the implications for raw material demand.
How is the report delivered?

The assessment comes as a monthly PDF report with supporting Excel workbook.

What does the report cost?

Annual subscription to the report is GBP8,000

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Assessment methodology
  • This assessment provides a battery demand by cathode across BEV, PHEV & HEV passenger car and light duty vehicle, bus and coach, and medium and heavy duty vehicle sectors, grid and behind the meter battery energy stationary storage, two and three-wheeler vehicles, micromobility, portables and other battery markets.
  • EV sales data is collected on a model-by-model basis from automotive associations, OEMs and data providers at country level for both BEV and PHEV vehicles for major markets. Similarly Grid BESS is collected on a project-by-project level. For other battery markets we draw on work from our various battery outlooks considering industry and regional seasonality. Where specific data is not explicitly stated estimates are used based on industry and company reports and primary research. These are then corroborated or adjusted when official data becomes available.

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