Battery Cell Cost Model

The cost model is a powerful tool to benchmark costs for different technologies and manufacturing processes under various market conditions. This allows the user to make an assessment of the competitive position of different cell manufacturers, and to understand the sensitivity of production costs to changes in key inputs or operating conditions.

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Battery Cell Cost Model

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What’s covered?

Our cost model provides a bottom-up assessment of both current and future battery chemistries including NCM, LFP, Na-ion, silicon-dominant and solid-state cell technologies.

The cell model uses a bottom-up cost model approach, providing fully customisable modelling of cost and energy (in $/kWh) for multiple cathode, anode, and electrolyte pairs. The model considers key factors around cell design and manufacturing processes:

  • Production location and impact on costs for labour, land, energy, capital repayment, capital charge, shipping
  • Active materials (Anode, Cathode)
  • Electrolyte
  • Raw material input prices and intensities
  • Other cell components (conductors, insulators, covers, separators, adhesives)
  • Cell manufacturing CAPEX & OPEX
  • Production location and impact on costs of labour, land, energy, capital repayment, capital charge, shipping

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This report allows clients to track the entire cell value chain from composition through to distribution, enabling them to accurately compare the performance characteristics of cells against the associated cost metrics. Clients can also use the data to highlight whether potential investments in battery cells will yield the required returns.

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Investment will vary depending on report and usage configuration.

The model has all the required variables already built-in, but also allows for full customisation, from material and performance design to cell plant manufacturing fixed and operating costs and variables. For example:

  • Materials are modelled, with salt raw material prices (e.g., lithium carbonate and hydroxide) regularly updated and customisable
  • Pouch cell format is used as standard, and cell dimensions are customisable
  • Several other variables, such as factory location (>10 worldwide countries), production facility capacity, markup and plant energy requirements are built-in and can be varied.

The cost model gives the user several outputs, including cell metrics (e.g., volumetric and gravimetric energy, number of electrode layers, mass). The user is also given a breakdown that includes a wide range of outputs such as the cost of copper foils and tabs, as well as labour and R&D costs. A detailed, granular breakdown of equipment costs is also provided.

Other outputs include material intensities, both in kg/kWh for example for cathode materials, as well as tonnes of metal per year. The model also has built-in functions to perform and provide the user with sensitivity analysis, with outputs including tornado plots and uni- or bi-variate linear sensitivity analysis.

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