Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Battery Outlook

This Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Battery Outlook analyses the current state of the NRMM market and how electrification is expected to shape the future of the industry. Although electrification of NRMM is in the early stages, the high-energy intensity nature of non-road mobile machinery requires a greater variety of solutions. We introduce new considerations from those previously seen in the passenger vehicle market.

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Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Battery Outlook

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What’s covered?

This report provides an overview of the NRMM market, breaking down:

  • Sales forecast by subsector and region to 2040
  • Battery demand for the following subsectors to 2040:
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Rail

The NRMM Battery Outlook report examines the current NRMM market and the impact of electrification on the industry’s future. While the electrification of NRMM is still in its early stages, 2023 marked a significant year with the introduction of new models and their availability for commercial use.

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This report enables you to explore the challenges and opportunities emerging in the market, with insights on how governments and companies can adapt to meet their emissions targets. Given the high-energy intensity of vehicles in this sector, a wider range of solutions will be necessary. We bring forth new considerations that differ from those observed in the passenger vehicle market so that you can adapt accordingly.

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Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies looking at the interactions between different functions in the non-road mobile machinery supply chain. We track the following variables that impact the forecast:

  • Macroeconomic data
  • Global machine sales
  • OEM strategy and emissions targets
  • Government legislation
  • Current BEV models and pilot tests

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