Portables Battery Outlook

This report provides a holistic overview of the portables battery market. While largely driven by mobile phone sales, battery demand is tracked across a wide range of subsectors, including laptops and tablets, wearables, cameras and drones, home appliances, speakers and power tools among others. This report will enable you to capture a wider scope of battery demand, as well as providing short-term value by tracking a market which produces near-term end-of-life battery recycling feedstock.

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Portables Battery Outlook

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What’s covered?

Our portables forecast provides long-term outlooks on a host of areas relating to battery-powered electronics, including: 

  • Sales forecasts by subsector and region to 2040 
  • Battery demand by subsector to 2040
  • Battery chemistry splits and pack types by subsector to 2040
  • Legislative trends and impacts on battery demand
  • Battery manufacturing and commercial updates in key subsectors

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This report offers extensive, long-term analysis of the portables market including multiple subsectors, regions and battery chemistry. As a more established industry, the portables battery market is influenced largely by alternative factors than the legislative EV-driven market but it continues to be a significant sector in the global battery market, particularly as consumer electronics OEMs continue to compete for supply chain security.

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Our forecasts are based on robust and informed methodologies looking at the interactions between different functions in the portables battery market supply chain. We track the following variables that impact the forecast:

  • Macroeconomic data
  • Penetration rates
  • Mobile cellular subscriptions
  • Battery supply agreements and strategy
  • OEM strategy

For each subsector, we track product models and collect data relating to battery pack size, battery chemistry, cell format and pack supplier.

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